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TOKEGON, an original letter game with


Rotate, flip and move the tokens to place the letters and form the word!

Easy to learn, addictive, original and exciting

Train your brain!

Dive into the captivating universe of Tokegon, a word and letter game that will surprise you with its originality! Enjoy an immersive solo gaming experience with no in-app purchases or ads.

Rotate, flip, and move the Tokegons, these 5 to 8-letter tokens, to form the word from the given letters.

Multiple game modes: Enjoy numerous variations for constantly refreshed combinations and features that make this game unique!


Its polished design and intuitive gameplay will instantly charm you

Play as you like with numerous variations and w/wo timer

Play in French in English, and other languages to come

No need internet connection, you can play offline

And that's not all:

Tokegon is a
100% independent video game

Tokegon does not collect any personal data

Tokegon does not require any registration or login

Tokegon is benevolent and suitable for all ages